Product Portfolio

Copper tube 6mm - 159mm. Chromium plated finish, blue and green plastic coated for underground water services, yellow plastic coated for gas services, white plastic coated, and degreased tube for medical gas services. Note; we do not supply a specific colour coating for oil line.


In depth stocks of the leading brands of solder ring, end feed and compression fittings. Yorkshire, Delcop, Endex, Conex, Kuterlite and Prestex. Also, imported solder ring, end feed and compression fittings. Kuterlite and Conex compression fittings also available in larger sizes - 67mm - 108mm. Copper brazing fittings. Flanges in bi-metal, slip on, screwed and blank flanges.


Malleable iron BSP fittings in black and galvanised. (Fittings only, no pipe.)


Heat free jointing systems: crimp systems; Yorkshire XPress for copper and carbon steel and Sanha®  for copper and carbon steel. Pushfit systems; Speedfit, Polyfit, Tectite (Classic, Pro, Advance and Sprint. Stainless available to order.) and Conex Pushfit. Stainless Steel XPress tube and fittings are available to order, as are Sanha® stainless steel and chrome plated.,


Clips and brackets in plastic, copper, brass, chromium plated finish, black and galvanised iron, and rubber lined Euroclip brackets. 


Braided flexible tap connectors in standard sizes from stock. Bespoke sizes available to order.


MDPE pipe in blue, black and yellow. Fittings for MDPE; Philmac 3G, Kuterlite, Philmac Gas and Primofit for gas. Protecta-Line pipe and fittings for ‘brownfield’ contaminated land sites.


Radiator valves - manual and thermostatic. Terrier, Belmont, Mistral, Westco and Altecnic. 


Stopcocks, Surestop stop valves, gatevalves, quarter-turn valves, single and double check valves, bib taps, pump valves, pressure reducing valves, thermostatic mixing valves, washing machine valves, flush control valves, gas cocks and water meters. In-line scale inhibitors by Scalemaster and Salamander.


Solders, fluxes, jointing compounds and water treatment products. Loctite 55 and 577, Denso tape, central heating additives by Fernox, Sentinel and Salamander, and Eezyfill dosing funnels. Plumbers Mait, Hawk, Everflux, Everwhite, fire cement, PTFE (tape and liquid), Boss White, Green and Gastite. 


Pegler cross-top taps, bib taps, quarter turn taps, self closing taps. Mercia, Deva and Bristan cross top taps and quarter turn taps. 


Carrara & Matta and CME/Celmac toilet seats. CME and Thomas Dudley cisterns and syphons. Multikwik pan connectors. Fluidmaster flush valves. 


Brass float valves 1/2" - 2" in high and low pressure. Equilibrium float valves 1/2" - 2". Copper and plastic floats, and plastic float valves. Fluidmaster float valves. Also, drop arms 5/16 to 3/4" Whitworth. Keraflo Aylesbury valves available to order.


Heating system filters: Magnaclean, Fernox TFI & Boiler Buddy, Sentinel Systen Filter.


Immersion heaters, copper and incoloy sheathed.


Leisure stainless steel sink tops, sit-on and inset.


Multikwik WC pan connectors.


We are distributors for Laco, Fernox, CME Sanitary Systems/Wirquin, Cistermiser, Surestop, Opella, Split-Klick washers, Fluidmaster, Intaeco, PH Arctic and Magnaclean.