15th November 2012; Wirquin

 Wirquin (formerly CME Sanitary Systems) have announced a price increase of 5.5% with effect from 1st February 2013.

11th October 2012; Loctite & Speedfit

Henkel, manufacturer of Loctite have announced price increases of between 3% and 5.5% on their products.
This increase will take effect from January 1st 2013.
John Guest, manufactuer of Speedfit have announced a 3% price increase, effective from 1st April 2013.
Underfloor heating controls, manifolds and heating packs are not subject to this increase.

24th July 2012; GPS Protecta-Line & MDPE

GPS have announced a price increase on their Protecta-Line range and MDPE pipe.

 Protectaline: Pipe up to 63mm will increase by 3%, pipe 90mm and above will increase by 4%, fittings by 4% and Ferrules by 6%.

Normal MDPE will increase by 9%.


These increases will take effect on October 15th 2012.

June 8th 2012; Thomas Dudley

Thomas Dudley have announced price increases, effective from July 2nd 2012:

Plastic products 5.5% and foundary products 4.75%. 

14th May 2012; Docherty, Hunter, Pipelife

Docherty Chimney Group (Terminal Guards) have announced an increase of 4%, effective from 1st June 2012.


Hunter Plastics (Multikwiks) has announced an increase of 8%, effective from 1st June 2012.


Pipelife UK has announced price increases, varying from 7.5% to 15%, effective from 14th May 2012.